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Water System Woes


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Hi everyone,


This is the first of what I am sure will be many questions from me.


I have recently acquired an old ABI caravan to try out this caravanning thing. Whilst showing it to my brother, his wife removed the water filter and said 'its empty' (Charcoal type).


I bought a new one and fitted it, but now, the water sprays back out of the drain hole (as well as coming out of the sink tap)


I also need a new water pump cover and the hot water does not seem to work.


Here is a pic I took, you can just see the drain hole on the bottom corner of the 'cascade2' part.




It didn't spurt back out before I replaced the filter. Have I done something wrong, or is it supposed to do this?




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Perhaps the "empty" filter is just the old owner removing the innerds. If you dont drink the water then it I fine to do this I think. I am planning to do the same.


If the water comes out the drain tap then has someone undone it when replacing the filter? Drain tap should not be able to let water out. Has it just not been put back?


Sort out the water supply before you even think if putting on the water heater as it need the tank to be full of water to work and will probably break it to run it less that full. When pump sorted run the hot taps for a while to get the air out.


On my van the blue pipe with the pump on the end unclips inside the unit and can be taken off and stored in the van. Not sure what your white lead is.

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The drain hole sould have a screw in plug and be fitted with a rubber ring washer. Get the right size with correct thickness (the ones in the caravan shop can be a bit thin)


http://www. swiftgroup. co. uk/uploads/HandBooks/caravans/2012%20Tourer%20Owners%20Handbook/05%20Services. pdf


This PDF may help


Other Hanbooks on here. http://www. swiftgroup. co. uk/Caravans/Handbooks


Many vans have same equipment and yours may be slightly different.

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