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Anything Special About Ireland ?

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Enjoy the draft Guinness, oh so much better over there, to be sure!!!


If I'm right the stuff we drink here these days is the same stuff as they drink in Ireland. .. Guinness is no longer brewed in England it's all shipped from Ireland.


Putting aside the argument about how well it travels. ..... the BIG difference IMHO is that over here it's chilled, cold or extra cold. . Urgh!.. the beauty of Guinness served in Ireland is it also comes in a regular/un-chilled variety. .. you have to wait longer for it to be poured. . hence the sight of a few 1/2 poured pints behind the bar waiting to be topped up!


But the taste. ..... Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. . I'm salivating just thinking off it!




P. S. About 5 or 6 years ago I and SWMBO took the 'van to Ireland for the first time. Landed in Rosslare and drove down to Tramore for an overnighter on the way to Killarney. Barman served up SWMBO's first ever half of Guinness (without me telling him it was her first ) with a shamrock in the head!!!! Strange thing was he was from NI and had followed his girlfriend at Uni to the south!!!! T'was a lovely Guinness though!

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Nothing special, just the same as UK, we even drive on the same side of the road as you.


I moved over to Ireland in 1985 from East Sussex and been here since, I don't think that you have to do anything extra to drive in Ireland, just check that your insurance company cover you while here as I understand that some UK insurance companies require you to tell them.


Where are you visiting?

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is it compulsory to have a GB sticker or a GB on the number plate ??



If you're going to Galway City, it's a great place. I lived there for 8 years, but I still work for a Galway transport company.

The night life, if you are into that is second to none. Loads of great bars that are very lively. Plenty of live music too.

They do a Segway tour around the city too. Looks like it could be fun. http://www. discoveri. ..dventures/85312

There's plenty to do in the city and it's small enough to walk easily.


Don't worry about the GB sticker, you'll be fine. If you are coming into Dublin Port, you can be in Galway very quickly. It's motorway all the way from the Port.

Be warned though, there are lots of tolls. If you use the Port Tunnel it can cost you either €3 or €10 depending on the time. http://www. dublinporttunnel. ie/tolls_and_permitted_vehicles/

There is also a Toll on the M50 which is €3, although I think being a UK car you may get away with not paying it. It's a camera based system, so no actual toll booth. Then there are two more coming down the M4 & the M6. Have euro cash to hand, no sterling accepted.

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