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Negotiation, Leaking Doors Etc....


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Can anyone help me here whether I'm going the right thing? i am buying my first van.


I went to see a caravan

last weekend, a 1994 Elddis Whirlwind GT 2 berth.


The woman and her husband were very passionate about it and told me that it was immaculate and came with an awning etc. and all the kit and how awesome it was and were looking £2000.

I thought this was overpriced and went to see it anyway up where it was stored. It had been in storage for 2 years but had been moved outside and parked on an angle, door up. It could do with a clean but was generally tidy and in good condition. However, there had been a leak just by the door and the floor was sodden and the panel to the right of the kitchen to the door was warped. No damp smell and floor sound underneath. There had been a lot of rain in the last few days and i wondered if the door was left ajar.


I phoned the lady and she was gutted and went up to see it and apologised for wasting my time etc etc. I know in good nick with all the trimmings these can go for £1400 or so.

I phoned her back and said that if she can prove that the onboard kit, elecs, shower, cooker etc. all works and she threw in everything I would consider giving her £1000.


Do you think this is a good decision? If not parked level can these leaks happen? The warped panel isn’t noticeable really and has dried out, and I was going to buy a new carpet whatever van I bought.

I am new to vanning and immaculate appearance is not my main priority. Also, if there was a leak through the door which seems to be the most obvious thing then, these seals seem easily replaced if that was the issue.


Also bear in mind I'm in Aberdeen and choice is limited without a lot of travelling!


Any thoughts anyone?

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I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole, if it was me.


Couldnt agree more. Apart from what you can see, you have no idea what underlying damage may already have been caused. If its been parked up for two years, it could have been leaking that long. Its a buyers market, take your time, invest a tenner in a damp meter and play the long game.

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Hi Ian, glad you came on here and asked, apart from this caravan have you viewed any more. Looks can be decieving even from young and old people. Keeping checking the scot adds paper there is always something in there. I am putting my caravan back in storage today, people often put for sale signs on their windows i will have a walk round for you just incase.


Happy viewing MARK. .

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Try having a look here:


http://www. caravans4u. co. uk/ and go to the search page, then choose advanced search. You can narow your search down to area, inc Scottish Areas, by berth, or by make or price.


Still, use the same logic, by a damp meter and take your time. The golden rule is, if in doubt, leg it.


This website is worth a look too. http://www. caravanfinder. co. uk/


Hope this helps.


With a quick search of Central Scotland, I found


Compass Reflection 390/4 caravan available near Perth. Generally excellent condition. External electric hook-up, leisure battery, cooker, gas fire. Sleeps 2+2. ... £1500 at Perth.


Abbey 214 Spectrum gts 2 berth full awning attached to caravan,also full awning,elect/gas blow heating, full cooker. many extras. £2300 Glasgow


Is this the one you saw??


1994 Elddis Whirlwind XL 1000 2 berth caravan with many extras included A lovely light and clean van that would suit a couple or small family, the bodywork is in good condition and the interior is immaculate with all appliances showing minimal signs of use,the toilet and shower room is fresh having been mostly unused. Extras included: Gas bottles, water barrel, waste containers, long mains hook up cable, Scenic plus porch awning, staymount towing stabiliser, hitchlock, wheel lock, clothes airer and fire extinguisher.


£1900 at Milnathort, wherever that is.

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Lunar Ariva 2 Berth End Kitchen Touring


12V Lighting, 240V Lighting, Blinds, CD Player, Central Heating, Cooker, Double Glazing, External Side Lockers, Grill, Hand Washbasin, Mains Hookup, Oven, Radio, Sink, Sunroof, TV Aerial Berth 2 Year 2010 Internal Length 3. 63 External Length 5. 18 Width 6' 8" Unladen Weight 832kg MTPLM 980kg Specification Includes :- # Fridge, # Heater, # Oven, # Mains electric, # Water heater, # Cassette toilet, # Large Shower, # Blinds/Fly screens, # Door Flyscreen, # Blown air heating, # Status TV Aerial, # Alloy wheels, # Radio/CD, # Hitch Stabiliser


North West Scotland. £2400. There are pictures of this one, looks half decent. 020 81335740


See http://www. caravans4u. co. uk/search. php?cat=1&k1=&k2=&k3=2500&k4=&area=1&submit=Search

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Guys, that is really helpful of you thanks. I hadn't heard of that one but will do a search and have a look through. I went to see a dealer in Ireland today and he was looking 2k for a 1992 elddis whirlwind recently serviced. Seems a little pricey. Would probably have been happy at about 1500 with a short warranty.


No rush, will keep going,


Thanks again.




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It was immaculate and awesome through and through until I spotted a mottled bit of wall under one of the side windows. The damp meter didn't show up anything but when I accidentally punctured the paper it sounded off that there was damp.

Strange as there was hard board all around as if it may have come in the window in the past. Hard board at base of wall under seats, hard up at roof level in cupboards.


Aside from that it was almost as new! All elecs immaculate, everything working, bathroom dry and clean as a whistle and a good awning.


I know people say that you should never touch a van with damp but for a first van, and the fact I will keep it 2/3 years and that I can get it for £1K when they go in ok condition for £1700+ it means that I'm tempted just to go for it.


Any thoughts?

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True, if this hadn't had that patch i'd have given him £1800,


Guess I'm thinking that if I get a 1700 van with a small damp patch for 1000 plus an awning, what's the worst that can happen?


I know damp is a no go area but a small area really so bad. .... Just trying to understand how bad it could be.

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I think in that sort of price bracket and age you are going to struggle to get a totally damp free caravan. ...I've had a few older vans and to be honest I never really checked as much as you seem to be doing and they did me proud. ...my first one a Sprite from 1984 seemed absolutely fine. ..never had any bother with it with damp. ..I never tested it it just seemed fine. ..I sold it after 2 years and got what I paid for it - £500 ! It's up to you. ..there are many here who will tell you never to touch anything with a suggestion of damp but I think in this budget range you have to be realistic and have a good look at whats you can get for your money.

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Sounds good :) I'm the same, never actually "tested" for damp, jsut check for soft walls / floor etc and if there's none in sight then it's good enough for me if i've got a bargain. Like the one I ahve now, the 1989 one to me it had "no damp". Suppose id be to scared to test it :unsure: . Do you ever really get a truly "non damp" caravan though? and are all damp readings accurate as some might just have condensation?

Compass Shadow 1988

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