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Please Help Me Choose


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Looking at buying a mover, and would appreciate your ideas and help.

Done some research so require


1) manual cross actuation

2) soft start/ stop

3) gear drive not chain.



Single axle

MTPLM 1630 kg


Would rather not pay a fortune, but at home fitting service is a must (Leigh Lancashire)

Thanks in anticipation



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For peace of mind, I would recommend the Powertouch HD. It has all you require


They come out and fit it at your home and if anything goes wrong they will come out to wherever you are in the Uk and fix it without a quibble.


They will also price match with comparable movers from other manufacturers.


poolebob :rolleyes:

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I've just gone through the same process and settled on the Powrtouch HD fitted at the dealers before I take delivery. They fulfill all of the requirements you list; they appear to have the largest market share; they appear to have excellent after sales service if you ever need it; they price matched the other models with a 5 year warranty and they offer an instalment payment scheme with no interest charges.


I cannot comment of how they work but from all acounts on here and elsewhere they will move your van. I'm getting a 1500Kg all up weight van and the HD is rated up to 1800Kgs.


It's a labyrinth to research and there is no really "cheap" answer but it does seem you can get a good poduct for £724 fitted if you request price match, have researched the alternatives and go like for like.

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