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Rapido Caravans


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If you're the proud owner of a Rapido caravan you may like to know that we have in stock quite a few windows for the later pop top models as my father used to be one of the few dealers in these. If anyone has a caravan with a sticker that says " Telford For Folders" thats him! We service and repair all the folders and pop tops still and I grew up "folding" them! Don't seem to see much on here about the pop top types so I thought I'd mention it.

If anyone wants to contact him or is looking for such a caravan this is his website

http://www. telford-caravan-sales. co. uk ask for Chris. What he doesn't know about about Esterel and Rapido caravans isn't worth knowing (I know this, he's bored me for 30 yrs with it!)

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