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80w Solar Panel - Free Electric For Life!

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80W Solar panel SUPPLIED & FITTED.

Complete with 10A charge controller.


Will charge an 85Ah Leisure Battery from flat in about 2days of sunshine.


We can even fit 2 panels for twice the power and half the charging time.


Protects & prolongs the life of your leisure battery by giving a constant charge whenever there is sunlight - perfect for those of you who store their caravan away from home - your battery will be charged by the time you need it again!


We only drill one small hole for cabling, the panel itself is bonded to roof - less holes, less chance of a leak in the future!



Cell: Mono-crystalline Silicon Solar Cells: 125mm Square

No. of Cells and connections: 36 series

Application: DC 12V System

These panel are all flash tested

Series Fuse Rating: 6A

Power Tolerance: +/- 5%

Surface max load capacity: 60m/x (200kg/sq. m)

Weight (approx): 9 kg

Dimensions (approx): 120cm x 55cm x 3cm


Electrical Specs:

Max Power: 80WP

Open Circuit Voltage (V): 21. 88 + 2

Short Circuit Current (A): 4. 98 + 0. 4

Max. Power voltage (V): 17. 64 + 2

Max. Power Current (A): 4. 54

Absolute Maximum Rating:

Operating Temperature: -40 to +80 Degrees

Storage Temperature: -40 to +80 Degrees

Temperature coefficients of Isc (%): 0. 1/Degree

Temperature coefficients of Voc (%): -0. 33/Degree

Temperature coefficients of Pm (%): -0. 23/Degree

Temperature coefficients of Im (%): 0. 08/Degree

Temperature coefficients of Vm (%): -0. 33/Degree

Irradiance: 1,000W/m2

Temperature: 25 Degrees


These panels are fully weatherproof and are ideal for use on Motorhomes / Caravans etc


All panels are CE marked.



Price supplied & fitted - £350 inc. VAT

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