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Dampmeter At The Ready? Compass Thoughts?


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Going to look at a Compass reflection 1993 with extras and awning at £1400

Can anyone provide any insight, I am new to all of this. Are these decent vans at that price?


Are Compass a decent brand of van. Selection limited as in Aberdeen and less van availability up here.


Any help much appreciated.


Have bought a dampmeter!

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Don't know about the compass but theres a caravan dealer in Elgin if you were limited in choice, it's just an hour along the A96 their website is http://www. sdharper. co. uk/ they have a section with new and used vans in stock, usual disclaimer applies . . nothing to do with me :)

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I'll be honest my first reaction was £1400 for a 1993 'van was a bit on the expensive side.


But then I bought a 1992 'van which came complete with all accessories (incl. awning) for a similar price, albeit a few years ago.


At the end of the day it's all down to how "good" the 'van is and how important £1400 is to you.


As well as the damp meter use your nose (if it's there you'll probably smell it) and look out for spongy walls.


Get the seller to demo everything works.


Ask him where he's been in it and how long he's owned it.


The one I bought had been owned from new and he and his wife were switching to cruising.


They were more interested in whether I would look after their pride and joy rather than achieving a certain price.


In the end I paid what they were asking as I was so convinced I was onto a winner.


Follow your gut. ... you'll know if the seller is genuine. .. if he's selling the love of his life you may be on to a winner!!


Good luck and let us know how you get on!





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Agree with Chapmag. £1400 is a bit high for an 18 year old

'van. (I Wouldn't pay that for a car the same age).

First thing to check when you open the door, does it feel cold

& damp? Does it smell mouldy? Not mistaking the mustiness

from having been closed up for a while.


When you get to view, is the seller giving it a "spring clean"

(All windows open, lots of cleansers used to mask damp smells?).


As already mentioned take, and use, your damp meter.

Ask lots of questions and guage the sellers replies

If you have any suspicions either walk away or try to haggle

some discount

HTH. Good luck,



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Heading tomorrow to see a £400 1987 Ace Diplomat tomorrow. Nearby. Couple of issues but might be good for a year if in ok nick to go on some local trips and give it a shot.

Where do you look to find private sellers?

Around here all I seem to find are over-priced dealers vans.

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