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Full Awning For Avondale Eagle


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I have an Avondale Eagle S 2004 and am wanting to buy a full awning for it. The porch awning thhat I used with my previous caravan does not fit well at the sides and i think that this is because the awning rail is low on this coach built design. Can anybody advise me on choosing a suitable full awning that will fit this particular Avondale model or do I just use the 'A' measurement (ground - awning rail - ground) and hope for the best.




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My advice would be to go an a manufacturers website, Bradcot or Isabella, both have a facilities which will allow you to enter your caravans details and they will tell you the right size awning for your van. I would suggest that you visit both, I would also call a couple of awning companies and see what they say. Once you have obtained a few answers, you can compare the figures to make sure they are all the same or very close.


Once you know your awning size, you can look to see which company makes the awning which will be the best fit (companies make their awnings to different dimensions) and look to see which awning you like. You can take things from there


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