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Electric Towel Rail

Barry J

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Not wishing to take up wall space with a permanently mounted/wired towel rail, we purchased one of these portable electric towel rails.


http://www. towelradiator. co. uk/scripts/prodView. asp?idproduct=309


It can be used in the bathroom or awning.


Had it delivered today and tried it out - works well and uses very little mains electricity on an EHU.



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Looks very handy, at only 80 watt is it actually powerful enough to dry towels?


We bought a 600watt mini oil filled radiator from Dunelm in the sale last year, thermostatically controlled it can be left on in the washroom overnight with the towels on the drying hook above and they are dry by the morning and the bathroom is also nice and warm without the need for the whole van to be heated up.


At 600 watt we do have to be a little careful about power consumption.


Is pretty useless in the awning though!! The only way I have managed to warm the awning is by using a 2kw fan heater but then the power consumption has to really be calculated.



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We've used a similar one for the last two years, purchased from Coopers of Stortford for £20. I didn't think it was going to very good, but something was better than nothing. But I've been really surprised at how well it dries the towels and how quickly. They aren't heavy either!



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