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Spain Caravan Overnight Parking

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Hi all,


I am in a large car park, for overnight, 2 other MH also parked up.

Just off the N11 between Figueres, and the French / Spanish border.

Left hand side of the N11.

E2 deg, 54. 326

N42 deg, 21. 088

Great large carpark, on a side road, off the N11, I think the side road is G1502.

The G1502 leads off to Darnius.


There is about 15 parking spaces for cars or motorhomes, and a long parking place opposite them, where I guess 3 or 4 combinations could stop.



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After about 1 hour, 2 more motorhomes parked up.

Both with UK number plates.

So I went over to dsay hello.

Both of them were off down to a place past Valencia, for "Wintering in the Sun"

One MH guy has been doing it for 9 years.

1st Sept to end of March

he had all his wild camping sorted, and used the same ones year after year.


The other guy and wife, was off to Portugal for 2 months.


I guess some places are better than others, and the first guy said he had never had a problem



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I would not stop anywhere on the N11 either. The roadside is full of goings on from prostitution to who knows what!



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