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Types Of Awning


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hello all


just got back from our first trip in caravan (weekend at conkers highly recomend)


the thing is we would like to get an awning for our caravan,(lunar stella)


i am a bit confused as to the type of awnings i. e porch awning or caravan awning


can someone tell me the difference between them and point out what i should look for


i can probally spend around 400 pounds


i have looked at loads of websites, magazines for one but not sure wether a porch awning which seem cheaper


would be a waste of money if i am better of going for a caravan awning


thanks for looking

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Alot depends on how you're going to use your caravan, week's or weekend's away. We have a full awning for full weeks away and a porch awning for weekends, this time of year we mainly go away at weekends, alot of our time is dependent on school holidays. A porch awning takes less time to put up and take down, so ideal for that short break.


A full awning covers the whole length of your caravan, whereas a porch awning only covers say 1/2 to 2/3 of the caravan length.


Hope this helps.

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Hello Bazza


Awnings and the types of as such are about as much as a talking point as caravans themselves.


There are those who would only ever have a premium brand full sized awning and those who will only ever use a porch. I know a lot of people who use a full sized awning for their main holidays and who also have a porch awning for use during the autumn and winter months because they should normally be easier to put up and then there are those who are now converted to the newer breed of lightweight awnings because 1. they are very light: 2. they are very easy to put up: 3. they are normally far less expensive to buy.


With your kind of budget, personally I would go for one of the better made and more expensive lightweight awnings of a reasonably large size and having just had a very quick search of the internet then this kind of company might just have what you are looking for: - http://www. madaboutleisure. com/productlist. asp?CatID=20&gclid=COCK1KeqlasCFQbwzAodbiWDog


Bonne chance

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We are new to caravanning too and we bought a full sized awning for our caravan. I wish I had understood awnings better when we bought the caravan and had taken the time to research but we were caught up in the whole process!


We quickly realised that the full awning was very heavy and took too long to put up and pack away for weekend trips. It is also takes up pretty much our whole garden to dry if we have taken it down on a wet / damp day. It is great when we have friends to visit or when it rains as a place to play in for the kids if it is too wet outside.


With our trip to Glastonbury Festival in June in mind, we bought a cheap porch awning from Towsure, which would act as an area to take off muddy boots in, it was easy to put up but a bit too snug! So now we have one awning that is too big and one too small!


We love using our large awning when we are away for more than 3 nights but with hindsight we would have bought a smaller awning that the 4 of us could sit comfortably and was not too heavy to travel with. When we have recovered from the expense of buying the caravan (and car) we will probably find something more suitable and sell on the full awning.


The awnings that are modular look a possible option. ..

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We gave up using a full awning when the two of got to go without the kids :D.


A great deal depends on what you want the awning for.


For ourselves, we have more than one awning. A nice porch awning about 2. 5m wide does all we need for longer stays.

A small traditional style porch awning for when we expect very wet or windy weather, just enough to get your coat off and hang it inside. We too think of how to dry the thing if it's very wet.

We also have a cheap and thin awning that is very easy to put up, just one external pole "hoop". This is good for fair weather in summer when just a couple of nights needed. This one will make all sorts of noises as the wind flaps the side seals against that van. Very off-putting when trying to sleep. For this reason alone, I would recommend a good quality traditional style porch awning to start with (if you don't need a full size one).


Just lately, I've bought a porch awning that's described as a combi awning. This runs in the awning channel at one side of the van and the other side is like an ordinary porch awning. The beauty of this is that the side in the awning channel gives the best weather proofing and quietest of all the awnings. It happens to be a Trio awning which uses far fewer poles that our others so is easy to put up.


Try to buy used to start with, I don't think that any of ours cost much over £70 and a couple were very nearly new.


Good luck and ask around. Now will be a good time to pick up a bargain.



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There is some really good advice here, and it may be a good idea to have a wonder around the site the next time you are away to see what takes your fancy, or you could take a trip to the NEC in October and check out the products there.

We are on our second van, the first was an Avondale Dart while our current van is one of the Bailey Alu-Techs. On the Dart we only had a full size Bradcot Classic awning, we bought it new and it was a great piece of kit, but because of its size we tended to only put it up on trips of a week or longer. It was very roomy and comfortable, but er indoors always called it the Divorce tool.

With the new van, we have only purchased a lightweight porch awning (Sunncamp Vision XL) which we used it on our recent (3 week) holiday in Holland. The awning was very roomy and up to stood up to some stiff breezes ok, but it did have its limitations. We had some pooling of rain water on the roof during a very heavy downpour and had I not intervened, then I suspect the awning would have imploded. That said, the full size awnings on other vans were experiencing the same problem and their owners were also having to take action to stop pools forming. The light weights go up quickly, (half an hour max in our case) which is ideal for a shorter trip but lightweights do have their limitations.

You don't need to buy brand new, its worth considering second hand because with £400 you could pick up a good quality porch and full size awnings second hand. You can look check out E bay, Preloved, Free ads, Caravan Selecta/ Caravan Club Classified ads, UKCS and last but not least this very site. If you are going to buy a porch awning, one of the first things I would do is measure the side of the van noting the location of the windows and the door or you could end up with the awning "fouling" the window. This could mean scratches and damage to your plastic windows. From the research I did it appeared that a lot of the porch awnings are either 2m, 2. 6m or 3. 9m long. The dimensions of my particular van meant I was restricted to an awning which was 2. 5m long if I wanted to clear the windows hence the Sunncamp. You may be comfortable with the awning "fouling" the window, but i wasn't.

My next purchase will be a full awning, I will be looking for a good quality second hand one, for the amount of use it will get I cant justify the expenditure.

Hope this helps

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You don't need to buy brand new, its worth considering second hand



I quite agree. Lots of people buy what they later decide is the wrong awning and sell them again in near-new condition at a fraction of the new price.

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We have two awnings. One is 2,8m long by 2. 1 deep we eat in the awning usually except at Christmas. Fine for the two of us and probably OK with one child. Depends where your door opening is as this and the steps take usable space away. I am considering one that fits to the rear of the van as a 3/4 awning. A full awning is too big and too much faff for us as we often stop 5 nights on an individual site. .


We also have a full length (caravan is about 5. 2m long) Dorema awning which is also 2. 1 m deep. Too much for us really and I bought it cheap second hand out of interest. It must be 8 years old and we shall use it for 8 days this Christmas.


My best advice is to do what we did. Make a mock up of the limits of the awning using timber or garden canes, set your chairs, table, cool box etc up and see if the space suits your needs. The position of windows and caravan doors can be critical as can the outside porch light. If your door is towards the front of the caravan then erecting a porch awning outside this area can give you much more space but is not as cosy in cold weather.


As to buying second hand good advice. My smaller porch awning is a good make and was less than 2 years old for £200. The larger full awning, 8 years old Dorema, was £50,

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cheers marjoraglan, easy t, and lottie very good advice, i did check out other peoples awnins on site, thats what got me thinking which was best, me abd the wife are going to the nec in october, we have trawled the internet getting as much info as possible, and have looked at ebay etc, we just want to get it right first time if possible will measure up and see what size we need first i think. many thanks :rolleyes:

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