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Hi we are off to Scotland to a haven site Craig Tara in Ayrshire. I only ever do Cornwall for my main 2 weeks, but for this year we fancied a change of scenery. I know it's a Haven site which is not everybody's cup of tea, but it suits us because of the kids. A Couple of questions then has anybody been to this site is it any good ?? Plus what would you recommend us to visit and see. ..



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few years since ive been and that was in a static

saw a van being broke into by the local scumbags so be careful

area is good with a sort of zoo/farm next door for the youngsters and plenty of rabbi burns houses museums close by includding brig adoon



hope you enjoy regards simon

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I found it to be very windy, big site usual Haven entertainment so kids should be occupied . right on its own beach but weather was that misserable while I was there for the week, we only strolled along the front and again got windswept daily, was well kept though . only half an hour run into Glasgow if you wan't to go & take a tour of one of the football stadiums or anywere else in the city,as previously put the robert burns house is not far & also that electric brea

http://www. eureka4you. com/magnetichillworldwide/Ayrshire-UK. htm

were you stop & and look like you are still moving, but I never realy got it :blink:

nice place, hope you get the weather

2012 Static Willerby Severn, Sitting in Hidden Valley Welshpool . B)

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well im hoping weather will improve we go on sat otherwise im gonna have a van full of moaning kids,, :lol: :lol: thanks for replies. The wife wants to visit culzean castle on one of our many trips plus island of arran. . slimseydy as your from the same neck of the woods as me when which way did you go when you went upto Ayr . Haven are saying stay on m74 till junction 12 then the A70 . . But my sat nav looks like it wants to do a senic route. .




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"culzean castle"" :o on one of our many trips plus island of arran



if you are going to Culzean castle Join the National trust first as it is a hell of a lot cheaper that way.


It is aBOUT £32 + TO GET IN TO THE castle but it is a nice day out with the playground and the deer.

Dont for get the electric bray just round the corner, Ayr seafront there is a FREE playground that is tops you have to see it to belive it park the car on the road on the front for free too.

playground on one side and the beach on the other bargin BUT TAKE A BUCKET AND SPADE WITH YOU AS THE SHOP NEAR THE BEACH WANTED £8 FOR ONE :(:o

Near Sanquer you have got the lead mine and hills (Manock pass)

If you come off the M74 at Dunfries and take the A75 to Ayr it is a much much better drive and senic plus you will pass Sanquer Etc.


The A70 is POOH your van gets dirty from the coal mines and the drive is rubbish.

If you are in to Burns go to Burns Carn at new cumnock juust passed the Cemetery on the Left hand side hidden away.


http://www. visitscotland. com/


The A75 is a must to get to Ayr nicer and much quicker ignore sta nav and the rest they are clue less all our family use the 75 to get to Ayr (they live there)

and you have to join the NTrusrt to save money

End of lesson and rant :D

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Hi, sites ok. Tourers at the start before you go down the hill,turn right.

New toilet block built this year. The time we used it was only the second week it was open.

Most of the pitches arent marked out and look a bit like a car park.

You pitch close to the main rd but its generall quiet at night.


Make sure you visit the Eletric Brae, its just along the road from the site



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