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Does anyone know that if tracker is switched off at Monitor station does the alarm still work, I have refused to pay the extortionate ammount Tracker wants and they have diconnected it but now my alarm does not work, It will set but not go off when entering van. Kelly do you know or is it a PIR Fault?

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We had a problem of our pir activating after a couple of minutes of switching it on. Found there was, what appears to be, a reset button inside the case, towards the top right of the battery holder. Pressed this and the pir behaved afterwards.


You could check if your model has the same and give it a try.



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where do you stand insurance wise if you have a tracker but its not used? Its kind of like increasing the insurers risk to not locating the device and isnt it almost like not using part of the van's inbuilt security feature?.

I think the lifetime/ownership duration deal is pretty good from tracker if you ask me. .

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I just told c c insurance that I no longer had tracker on my S6 and they adjusted the premium to suit. I also told them that I do not have the Alko wheel locks when they were late in delivery. They adjusted again. Then gave me money back once all was well.

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