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Batteries In The Hobby

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18 hours ago, webndill said:

we have just bought a 2008 Hobby 570 smf vip collection caravan, we needed a motor mover so we have fitted a proper battery box and battery . We now want to know if we can connect the battery electrically to the caravan wiring so that the battery can run the van, when not on ehu and when on ehu can the battery be charged by  the existing  12 volt system?

I appreciate any help in this matter


Connect the caravan battery to a 7/13pin socket on the A-frame.   When not on EHU plug the caravan 7/13pin plug into that socket.    Presumably, you have included a charger with the battery?


Reviving a 7-year-old thread, some problems just keep turning up !  :rolleyes:

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