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Pegasus Wet Locker Seals

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Just a minor issue, I think the wet lockers are very stiff to close, pushing against the rubber seals, i am concerned they might tear or split, has anyone tried any form of lubrication?



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I had the same problem. Took the van back to the dealer as part of a few bits or warranty work and the door now opens and closes really easily.


There must be some way to adjust the door but I don't have a clue how it was done. I would get your dealer to fix it.

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Hi Merseyscouse,

I had exactly the same problem and cured it using 3 in 1 silicone spray available from most DIY and Motor supplies stores. The spray can be safely used on the rubber seals on the locker doors, the hinges especially the fragile tiny fresh water hatch which I found very stiff to open and close. All the locks and tumblers where treated using the little red nozzle supplied with the can, so all the tumblers are now free and easy to use with the key, especially the two gas locker catches. The Thetford toilet Lip Seal can also be treated, even the lift mechanism underneath the shutter benefits from a good drenching of the Silicone made by 3 in 1. All the internal doors and lockers when treated open and close with any squealing - just like a Rolls Royce.


Hope above helps - Regards Terry



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you can get from a Volvo dealer -- and I suppose other dealers as well

-- a stick of lubricant

-- looks like that "Chap-Stick" stuff that you use on your lips in the cold. .

-- It is called Rubber Lubricant

-- and is specially formulated for window rubbers, boot seals etc

-- we use it on the caravan locker doors. .


or you can get a spray can of stuff from Halfords

Halfords rubber lubricant spray



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