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Ford Galaxy 2.3 Petrol


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Anyone else had problems with a Ford Galaxy 2. 3 Petrol whilst towing?


Since we bought the car in Nov 2002 when it was less than a year old, we have had so many problems: :(

- Sat Nav replaced

- Air Conditioning Condensor replaced

- New Clutch and Dual Mass fly-wheel

- New Brake Discs all-round (manufacturing problem)

- Water Pump Seized and so replaced


All of which were replaced under warranty.


In the last 3 months (since the warranty ran out)

- Cruise Control failed (had to replace coil)

- Burnt out Battery junction box and wire-loom!


The burnt out battery box could have cost us a fortune (>£1000) if it had touched the main wire loom. This only affected the electrics on Christmas Eve (when the lights cut out) but whilst reversing the caravan in Beddgelert in November '04 we smelt a tremendous burning smell? Could this have been the junction box melting?


All in all, the Galaxy is fine when it works but it hasn't half had its problems.


Anyone out there had similar experiences?????


The Hodkys


PS Ford Customer Service has been less than helpful

- Won't get the new loom until 29 Jan (5 weeks after being ordered)

- The only courtesy car we get is a 4 seater Ford Ka (not much of a replacement for a 7 seater Galaxy) and it definitelty won't pull our Bailey Pageant!

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Hodkys, I have a Renault Grand Espace, 2. 2Dci Privilege, bought from new in 2001 and serviced only by the Renault dealer, but since we have had the vehicle have had the following problems:

1. Unable to source a replacement spare spacesaver spare tyre, they are not available anywhere in the UK, but are fitted as the spare. Even Michelin said they didnt make it, until I sent them a picture of it!!!!

2. Fuel filter split whist driving, sending gallons of diesel all over the engine at something like 40lbs per sq/inch

3. Primary fuel pump failure, at traffic lights, on a hill, in the middle of town.

4. Second Primary fuel pump failure a month later, half way off my drive, across the road just as a hearse arrived to collect the deceased from next door.

5. Third Primary fuel pump failure, one week later, whilst overtaking a bus!!!!!!

6. Main fuel pump failure which caused failure of the regulator, 2 months later, on a fast part of road, with a 32 tonne arctic right up my a$$.


The faults 1 to 5 were all within warranty, the main fuel pump and regulator cost me £859 as the car was 2 months out of wartranty.


7. Primary fuel pump failure, 1 month after (6),,,after LOTS of very rude words with Renault, they paid for the repair.


I would never buy another new car, and was seriously considering selling this one, but would lose so much in depreciation that I really have to keep it, and its not even done 33000 miles yet.

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Hi Brecon,

I ahve got a 2. 3 Galaxy it is 4 years old and the only thing that has gone on it is the pass door window motor stoped working I think you have just got a bad one.


Have a look at this site www. fordgalaxy. org. uk/ford/



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Have one friend with 2. 3 petrol Galaxay (01 model) no problems at all. Have another friend with Alhambra (having previously had a Sharan) boths diesels (all the same vehicle aren't they?) He has had air-con problems, ICE problems and ECU problems!

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The reason the wiring loom takes so long to come is that all Galaxy looms are bespoke (as there are so many different possible permutations and combinations of electrical accessories) and also don't forget they actually come from Volkswagen - the Galaxy is a nicer trimmed VW Sharan.


The 2. 3 engine is unique to Ford though - this is a development of the 2. 3 Scorpio engine.




PS the new 'all Ford' Galaxy for 2006-7 is shaping up to be a winner!

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