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Calver Water Heater


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hi all


i have a little problem just come back from break the non-return water inlet (cold) at bottom of the calver water heater mk2 spung a leak and has snaped off leaving the plastic end flush with the female casing.

i dont wont to remove the heater if at all possible to get the stub out is there a easy way of getting it out even if its pains taking in doing it.



advice welcome


john (EMT) :blink:

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I had a similar problem with the air vent - I carefully chipped out the old plastic - then using the correct threaded bolt with a saw cut across it cleaned out the thread on the casing - then replaced with new



best of luck




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A very good question to ask as the apparent easy way can end up being very expensive?.

The safe way is to do as 'hdj' says but to make it easier tape a junior hacksaw blade to a screwdriver blade with about 40mm sticking out the end, having first knocked the 'pins' out. With this you can saw the broken piece into four quarters and one segment in half again. ..just until the saw blade scratches the metal threads of the casting. Now use a small electrical screwdriver as a chisel to remove the bits starting with one of the smallest two pieces.

The new part will seal with an 'O' ring on the top and this surface must be scraped clean to allow the 'O' ring to do it's job. The thread is M16 and a towball bolt is the same thread if you cannot borrow a proper thread 'tap'.

To lubricate the new part use cooking oil if you cannot find some silicone grease. .no not sealent. ..grease



Arc Systems are specialist Carver caravan product repairers, committed to providing a comprehensive service as well as spare parts for these popular heaters.

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hi gary

thats for that info never have thought agout the hacksaw blade on a screwdriver good one, ive got time on my side to do it as im off work next week.

thanks again .


best wishes


john (EMT) :D

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