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Seat Alhambra 2.0 Tdi


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Hello, as I have mentioned on other threads I am struggling to get down to my 75kg noseweight. I have now tried everything and am still in the region of 80 - 85 kgs. I spent 3 hours earlier today playing about with the loading, weighing the battery and even trying a friends 90ah leisure battery, but it makes no difference.


I was just wondering what the noseweight limit is for a 2007 2. 0 TDI Seat Alhambra. The Seat website and dealers are useless, but on older threads within here and T&T state 75 kgs, but the Witter website shows a max of 85 kgs.


If it was 85 kgs, then this would be fine, but if lower then I am back to square one. I know the S-Max and Galaxy had their noseweights incresed in 2008, but they are still beyond my funds unfortunately. I m reluctant to go the 4x4 route, mainly due to my mileage per annum, but must admit I am tempted with the Sorento prices.


Can anybody help, as I cannot find a definitive answer anywhere.


Thanks in advance.

2010/60 Honda CRV ES-T i-DTEC (Deep Sapphire Blue) and a 2009 S7 Bailey Provence.

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