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Water Heater Problem


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Bailey 2000 Pageant - Carver Cascade Rapide water heater fitted - Problem fills up OK and heats up but NO flow from hot taps - Cold OK - after playing, blowing, sucking etc etc it will flow and Ok after that. Once packed away and then re-primed on next trip SAME problem. I believe a non return valve is fitted to cold inlet COULD this be sticking/playing up or have been told possible cause is build up of calcium in the cold inlet of the casting


Is there a quick fix anyone knows about or is it dismantle NR valve and service and then clean inlet etc - Being on a Caravan it is of course awkward and you have to work through bed slats and of course water will leak from hoses etc


Any help would be much appreciated

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The NRV has failed defo and needs to be changed


Thanks - that was the most likely I thought but when it gets going then its OK for as long as water is there and system is primed

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