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Warning On Car/caravan Recovery

TD 42

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:angry: I am about to take my van abroad I have premium breakdown recovery from the CSMA (Brittania)which does cover car & caravan recovery from EU, EXCEPT in the case of a road traffic accident, where they say it is down to your car insurer. Having checked with my car insurer( markes & spencer,/fortis insurance) I am told that the caravan would not be repatriated, only the car. this would appear to be another point to get cleared when choosing recovery & or car insurance. It will also not be recovered by your caravan insurers I have checked with mine (C&CC)


This would obviously also apply to a RTA in the UK also. i Know that C&CC recovery would cover this but the difference in annual cost is over£175

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We have Mayday cover with CC and it is supposed to cover UK RTAs. I think you may need Red Penent for overseas cover.

Totally agree -- we have Prudential insurance -- and Green Flag -- but always -always take the additional Red Pennant insurance when travelling abroad -- not only for the caravan -- but all of the other side issues as well. . hospitals - hotels - tickets -spares etc etc.


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