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Hitchdrive Service

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I have been using a Hitchdrive now for the past three years and thought it about time I gave it a looking over. This is the hand cranked unit which replaces the jockey wheel.


In that time I managed to rip one of the two tubes, due to one of the tyres being flat without my realising (it is not obvious due to the weight being taken by two) and the return spring snapped on the crank handle. A problem which caused me some concern and prompted my giving it a service, was that everytime I took the wheel unit off, lots of water pored out of the gearbox between the two wheels as it was tipped.


I managed to sort the broken spring out without much trouble. Pulled the crank unit apart, found it fine so just added some fresh grease. The same with the drive within the leg.


I then pulled the gearbox between the wheels apart, anticipating lots of corrosion due to it seeming to fill up with rain water. In fact again it was fine with no trace of rust at all. The bearings used all seem to be stainless steel ones, so I just cleaned and regreased. The four allen bolts holding the top cover on were all loose, which might help explain some of the water collecting in there. I refitted that with a gasket and took the precaution of drilling a drain hole in the bottom.

Bailey Pageant Monarch Series 5 2004

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