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Small Length Of Awning Rail

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I am after a small 6" (150mm) length of awning rail to replace a damaged section of my Swift. Any ideas of breakers etc who may supply such a part?

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why not try a Swift dealer???


OK might be a tad more -- but at least you would get the correct profile --- there are several !!



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Just go and see the workshop manager of your local Swift dealer. ..or at least one who does bodywork/accident damage. .and ask nicely?



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I damaged my awning rail on a previous Avondale van. I tried to get a short length of the correct profile from the dealer but they would only supply a full awning rail. I bought a six foot length of rail from a local accessory shop then removed the front skirt rail which was the same profile as the awning rail. The new rail was fitted as the skirt rail and the removed length was chopped to replace the damaged section.

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