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Back From Haven


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spent the weekend at haven burnham on sea and surprisingly enjoyed myself the entertainment was ok not brill never mind and the showers were ok but if everyone didnt walk in grass and mud they would have been fab. wouldnt fancy a week though a weekend was just enough. trying to find somewhere now for my summer hols any suggestions

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Glad you enjoyed it. I think the mud and grass problem is the same most places depending on the time of the year.


We spent a few nights at Haven's Golden Sands at Mablethorpe last year and it was lovely. Ground was dry and firm. Yet someone else I know went when it was VERY wet the year before and hated it. Ended up having their caravans towed out by a tractor. It marred their holiday so much that they vowed they would never go back to Golden Sands again and in fact never to a Haven site again. To be fair, it wasn't Haven's fault or the site in particular and a lot of sites up and down the country suffered flooding that year.


We're not bothered about the Haven entertainment, we don't go for that reason. We go to relax. For us, it's a pitch with EHU and cheap at that. :D

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