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Ford Maverick


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thinking of upgrading from mk1 m reg ford maverick 2. 7 td to a s reg ford maverick 2. 7 tdi with air con, any good or not



Up until January, we had a P Reg, with air con. Never used the air con as the fuel consumption was high enough already, but loved the car. Really comfy and pulled like a dream, but our turbo was faulty and sometimes lost power. They are an 'old' 4 x 4 and that is quite obvious, but also the car is really high and sometimes felt a bit unstable.

Janet and Jason xxx
Jeep Cherokee Limited 2. 0CRD (2015) towing a 2016 Swift Challenger 530 Alde

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My Terrano is a bit newer but basically the same car, pulls well is comfortable & very reliable. Loss of power problems are usually just a sticking EGR valve use injector cleaner once every 6 months and you shouldn’t have a problem.


Fuel consumption mine does up to 30 solo and about 20 towing 1500kg 4 up service intervals are every 6000 miles and should be observed so check the history before you buy. Gearboxes & injector pumps can give problems at high mileages both are expensive to fix. Look for body rot on the front wings and at the front of the rear wheel arches. Front tyres tend to scrub both edges so swap front to rear every service to get the best tyre wear.


I would buy another without a second thought but would not pay more than £2500 for an S plate with about 80,000 miles on the clock

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