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Hobby 720ukfe


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I am new to this forum and trying to get information on my stolen caravan,


I have just found a thread about Ian Thaine of Ewood Caravans, Adlington. I had my Hobby stolen in 2006 from Ewood Caravans. Is it possible anyone would have a name and/or contact number for the police officers involved in investigating Ewood Caravans? When my van was stolen he had supposed to have been burgled and Mr. Thane was paid out from his insurance and then went bust.


At the moment I live in france but am coming to the UK for a couple of days on the 23rd April and I am hopeing to get a look to see if my van is there.


My Van is a Hobby 720UKFE and it had alterations done inside from new so it is easily noticed


I really hope you can help me,



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My caravan hobby 560 kmfe was stolen too from parking place near Paris on January 13, 2012 at 5pm

The back side was demaged, it was 2009 but not used, please let me know for the reward in cash

37253278770 or 1autoua@gmail. com

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