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i thinking of going down the line of buying an inverter does anyone know the best size to run satellite an tv and a laptop i have 110 batteries many thanks


Wow! 110 batteries.


You would probably get away with a 300 watt inverter but I would be inclined to go for a larger size, say 600w to give you flexibility.


Add up the wattage of your appliances then add about 20% for losses to give you the size. Use heavy duty cable to mount the inverter close to the battery, We used a distribution block so there were not multiple cables running into the battery box (inverter/motor mover etc). We also took the output from the inverter (13A plug) to a 16A socket to plug into the EHU inlet to allow distribution throughout the 'van. Don't forget to turn off all of the mains appliances including the charger when using the inverter.


Hope this helps.



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