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Help With Mains Water Pipe


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Good afternoon and it is a lovely one too here in Yorkshire.


Caravan I bought came with a blue mains water hose with a fitting on the end which does not fit into the water inlet jobbie on the van, it's a Fleetwood Heritage 560.


Am I perhaps missing another part or have I been given the wrong hose. ?


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Am going to 'purr' at my van again tomorrow, it's in a compound will take a piccie then and come back.


Excellent suggestion thank you.


If it's a layflat hose then it's a likely to be a Whale Aquasource and an adapter is available to convert it to a Carver/Truma inlet. If it is a Carver/Truma Waterline, then you will need a Whale inlet (the square shaped one) to make it fit.


Aquasource: http://www. leisureshopdirect. com/caravan/w. ...aspx?cart=5500


Waterline: http://www. east-coast-leisure. co. uk/module. ..INEHOSE2012. htm


Hope this helps.



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