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Towing Weight & Nose Weight Of Mondeo 2litre Tdci


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Hi guys. Liking the new Mondeo Titanium 2litre 140ps TDCI Just not too sure on weights etc, sorry for being thick all these weights do me head in! Do they have towbars for them already? Do I go for detatchable or fixed? Who said caravaning was easy :blink:

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Swift Challenger 560 (2007) with Reich Motor Mover & Ford Mondeo 2. 2 Titanium X TDCI (08 ) with Sports pack

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Before then its 80Kg.


No problem with tow bars, plenty of choice around. But budget up to £500 (fitted) for a detachable with 13pin (twin) electrics. Best to get some local quotes.


Or even better we negotiated a free towbar when we purchased ours, on collection salesman commended on the £500 it cost them!!


I went for the flange detachable Witter, so that I can use a blade stabliser, but still take it off when not in use.

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