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Elddiss Avante 534 2004 Model


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I am looking for help in using the switches above my entrance door correctly. 1. when trying to get hot water i can get it on gas but i only get about 1/4 of a basin full before it starts to run cold, i dont know how to get it to work on electrics or if it even works on electric, i have on the switch panel two rocker switches with switch 1. a blue sticker on it and switch 2. a red sticker (assume this is HOT and COLD but what) . Also can you please give me the correct procedure to start up the Hot Water system (truma ultrastore) and can you run on Gas only,Gas & Electric or both, but i dont see the point on paying for EHU and using your OWN gas. All help will be very much appreciated. PS i have tried to source all the appropriate booklets and handbooks.

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A picture of the switch panel would be very useful, but the stickers certainly do not relate to hot or cold anything.

I think they are stickers the previous owner applied to remind him of something.


The Ultrastore is very simple to operate.

On gas it is controlled by a small grey wall switch with a central thermostat and an outer bezel which has two positions, OFF marked as o and ON marked like a small gas flame.


Make sure th ewater system is full, especially the hot water side, remove outer vent cover, make sure the gas is on at the cylinder and the isolation valve, move outer bezel on wall switch to the gas flame position and th eheater should light after a short delay whilst it checks itself.

The thermostat allows you to select the temperature of the water within the range marked.


On electric it is controlled ONLY by the mains switch on the main distribution box, normally in the wardrobe .

Just make sure the water system is full, mains is connected and the water heater circuit breaker is in the ON position.


It is ESSENTIAL that the water system is full before you light the gas on the heater and before you attempt to use electric water heating.


On electric the water temperature is regulated to 70 degrees, there is no way of changing this.


The unit can be used on both gas and electric for short periods of time for quicker warm ubut it is not recommended for prolonged use.


It will take about 40 minutes or so to heat a tank of water, it is NOT instantaneous .

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I have just seen the pics you posted on T&T

I assume you mean the switches with star stickers by them.

I can only guess that one is for the Ultrastore water heater and the other is for the Ultraheat van heater.

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