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12volt Tv


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Hi everyone hope you all had a nice easter Bankholiday,,


Whats the best 12 volt tv to go for ive seen a couple on ebay the makes are a Foresee model Fl1909 and the other one is AVTEX model W193D, are these anygood any help advise would be great.



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we got a meos 20" dvd and free view £200 from ebay pretty good



I was looking for 12v teles recently and saw the MEOS tv's on ebay. It's not a brand name I've ever heard before. Is it any good?

The cheap lcd tele we use in the van is like most in that it uses a mains power supply much like a laptop power supply so the actual tele runs on a 12v input anyway but I can't find the 12v lead I need as it's a 4A supply and most of the cigarette lighter leads I've seen are only 1A.

Anyway, be interested to hear your thoughts on the MEOS tele.

Thanks and regards


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well what can i say, i had never heard of it b4 we bought it, but the equivelent avtex was £350 or more, so we go the meos, its fine, picrure is good, it has dvd etc, we have had it about 6months, it is in the kit at home at the moment, but i set it up in the van (wall mount )and got it to work on 12v, we also have 12v sky box we ran it thru


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Excellent tv combi and i bought the 12v adaptor and picture quality is good

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