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Clarity Of Offer

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Is it just me but do others find it frustrating that the mobile broadband suppliers don't always explain things in either a way that you can understand or make if difficult to find the information in the first place. I have a Vodafone pay monthly dongle. No problem with the way it performs. Some time ago wanted to establish that I could use it in Europe. That part easy but there seemed to be two access packages. These were either £5 for up to about 15MB or £10 for 50MB in an 24 hour period. Having contacted Vodafone it turns out that the 'up 50MB' applies to mobile broadband and the other other option to mobile phones using data. At least we know where we are with Vodafone. I remembered that 3 Network have special arrangements in a limited number of countries. Italy is one of these and that is where we are heading. Its called 3 Like Home which means you can use your UK PAYG dongle in Italy at no extra charge unless you go over the data allowance, unlikely as you can have 1, 3 or 5MB's. Thought to myself this could be a good way to reduce costs whilst we are in Italy and as a bonus also applies to Austria. So for the cost of about 4X24 hours with Vodafone I could buy a dongle and a GB of data allowance - no contest. Went into 3 Shop in MK today. Asked young lady to explain 3 Like Home to me and she said they have been told not to sell it anymore. Left shop empty handed. Back home phoned 3, it seems that you are on 3 Like Home in the countries concerned anyway, grrr!



David - Milton Keynes

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If you think 3 is confusing you want to try a contract with Orange. There was more they didn't tell me than what they did. Then they have the audacity to ring you up and ask you if you were pleased with the service.

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And the other problem with 3 payg is it expires after 30 days, about time they looked at what Voda are doing with their unlimited payg package!!

Neil. .


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