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France 3g Pay As You Go, Any Suggestions


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:rolleyes: The title says it all, I've now got a perfect 3G / Wifi setup for use in the UK, I have a Solwise 3g WiFi router £45, an Hauwei E220 modem, and I either use a T-Mobile Pay As You Go SIM, or iPhone Pay As You Go SIM. This setup gives be Wifi access whilst away without signing upto any expensive mobile broadband packages.


What I would like to find is a similar 3G Pay as you go SIM deal in France, does anyone know of any, my main problem is understanding the French WEB sites. Most important points are costs, topup procedures, expiry dates and configuration details.


Thanks for any suggestions.

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SFR the French arm of Vodafone do a P. A. Y. G dongle for internet access, not sure how much around 60-70 euros i think to purchase the dongle and i think there is 10 euro's worth of credit included .















currently on the C&CC site at Glencoe (ands its wet)

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