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We are insured with the CC. Last Monday, 5 minutes after agreeing to part exchange our van for a new one OH turned the car/caravan combo in the dealer's car park and managed to clip the offside rear awning rail on a fence pole. He was mortified, first time in over 30 years of caravanning that he has damaged a van, expensive error of judgement. Anyway, the awning rail had also damaged some of the rear of the van, repair estimate is over £400 so we decided to claim on our insurance. We phoned the CC on Wednesday afternoon, claim form arrived Friday afternoon. OH e-mailed the form, repair estimate and a couple of photos of the damage to the CC insurance services yesterday morning, today we received a letter confirming that our claim would be paid and that they had notified our dealers so that they could order in the parts needed. That is why we are with the CC - they have such an efficient service.


Luckily we had already arranged to take the van to our dealer next week so that they could take off the satellite dome, satellite box, mover etc which are to be put on and into the new van. They have not complained about the damage and tried to adjust the p/ex price, as far as they are concerned we are getting the van repaired by them so there is no problem and the value of the van is not affected.


OH is now looking at buying new mirrors to get rid of the minute blind spot!!!!

NE Scotland


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