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Going on the C&CC temporary holiday site at Leyburn this Easter,we're thinking of taking the bikes,we're not fit but enjoy our cycling,what I really need to know is is it all steep terrain in this area?If it is the bikes will stay at home and we'll walk more,i'd assume there will be plenty of hills but a little advice never hurts! ;)


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We had 5 days on a CL near Leyburn last September and had some superb walking. We bought small leaflets by Arthur Gemmell £1 each for a couple of areas and these provided excellent detail of paths, including where the stiles were. We particularly used the one of the Aysgarth area which is up the Dale from Leyburn. Whilst I had the OS 1:50 000s for the area, (Leyburn is almost on the Western boundary of sheet 99 so if you go up into the Dales you need 98) I found that the Gemmell maps made things much clearer and possibile walking routes stand out.


You could easily cycle along the bottom of Wensleydale using the minor roads on the North side of the Ure (the A684 up to Hawes will be full of cars) - it is only when you go over the hills to move from one dale to the next that you would sweat a bit!! The area to the East of Leyburn is much flatter and there are some nice minor roads with good scenery towards Bedale that would be good to cycle.


If I was only going for a few days then I would stick to walking as I personally feel that you have to get up into the hills to really enjoy the views of the Dales and it also helps to get away from the crowds. I grew up in Kirkby Stephen and therefore know the Dales well and I always feel that cyclists spend a lot of time worrying about cars on the relatively narrow roads with stone walls and no real cycle paths.


Enjoy yourselves, hope that you have good weather - the beer and cheese are superb and we bought an amazing variety of sausages at the Leyburn market.

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Live fairly near this site. ..there are lots of runs down Ure valley which are not too steep. .BUT as our Burstneraddict friend says you don't want to worry about the narrow roads. ...the roads from Bedale through Leyburn and up to Hawes are very busy most weekends but holiday weekends will be a menace,lots of caravans and motorbikes by the dozen. .....this time leave 'em at home and reccy for the next time.


Enjoy Wensleydale. ....





Kia Sorento KX-1 CRDI 4WD towing an Elddis Affinity 530

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