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Water Barrel Pipe......


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Can anyone suggest wear I can get a water barrel pick up pipe but it has to have a non-return valve to prevent the water running back from the onboard pump.

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If the pump is OE, I would have thought that the caravan/pump makers would have thought to include this in their design. I have never heard of a barrel supply pipe with a non-return valve.

If you need to do this, it may be possible to obtain a standard 15mm non-return valve from a plumbers merchant (similar to those fitted for outside taps).

You would need to mattle up a way of linking it to the flexible barrel supply pipe, and possibly in a way that the valve is inside the barrel. Any jubilee clips would have to be stainles steel. You would have to consider the possiblility of the non-return valve resisting water flow; these valves do have an internal spring, and they normally operate with water pushing, rather than pulling, to open the valve.


Alternatively, you could search the web in an attempt to track down a device more suitable for your purpose. Even an enquiry for help from the pump maker is worth a shot.

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