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Avondale, Stood 5 Years.


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I have the been offered an Avondale twin axle 6 berth. ...cheap.

It was bought new and used 4 times within the first few months.

I have been told after that it was left under trees on a drive for 5 years.

I am hoping to go and view the caravan within the next few days and talk money.

Can anyone tell me what to look for, damage wise. ...with it been laid up for that time under the trees.

I know to look for damp spots and check the seal on the awning rails.

The first thing i will do if i buy it is. ...get it serviced.

Could the brakes have seized up etc?

Advice please.


Thanks, Lee :)

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It will have to be cheap! If it's stood as long as five years, cushions may have been damp long enough to rot the material. Fridge and fire will need attention before attempting to use. Tyres will need replacing and the grease in the hubs will be solid. Think carefully before jumping in.

Citroen C5-X7 Tourer+Avondale Rialto 480/2

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Viewed it this morning.

He is using it as a posh Kennel when they go on foreign holidays.

He leaves the dogs in it and next door feeds them and lets them run around.

It stank and had signs of mice.

The two wheels where missing from one side. ....had been taken off for security and thrown away by accident.

It was not jacked at that side and only supported by the legs. ...only at that side.

He wanted £10. 000 for it and dropped it to £8. 000.

Nope way. :unsure:

Lets just say that its the end of my caravan dealing idea. :rolleyes:

Thanks for your advice John, members of other forums agreed. ;)

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