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Route Napoleon

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Hi all,

Has anyone towed the Route Napoleon between Grenoble and Cannes? I've driven it solo in the early eighties, but we have not been that way since.

I know I can avoid some of it on an autoroute, but I quite fancy the challenge. Any advice please.




Honda CRV diesel, Abbey Vogue GTS416

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We did the route a couple of years back, south to north, from Cannes to the Mont Blanc area. It proved to be an exhilarating tow with fantastic scenery and superbly engineered roads. My advice would be to take your time and let the traffic get past you on the passes, they will enjoy your courtesy. Grasse is interesting from a traffic point of view, take care to follow the signed route for lorries. Stop at Castellane and have a look (or perhaps another look) at the Verdon Gorge. North of Sisteron take the N75 route to Grenoble over the Col de la Croix Haute. (the Route Napoleon goes via Gap and the Col Bayard just north of the town is not suitable for caravans ).

There are plenty of excellent campsites on the route so you cannot avoid enjoying the trip.


Happy holiday. Trevor

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North of Sisteron to Grenoble there are some cracking new stretches of motorway, some only just open and very spectacular especially the downhill ones with a caravan speed limit ( needed) on them if you do decide to do the quick way after all. ..




Kia Sorento KX-1 CRDI 4WD towing an Elddis Affinity 530

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I havent towed on it but i drove it solo 2 years ago. I,m a fairly confident tower and tbh, i would,nt tow it in my outfit, Audi A6 1. 9tdi and Sterling Europa 495. Its an exhillirating drive, a bit like "Colin McCrae Rally" on the Playstation only for 3 hours in real life. the scenery is awesome, the roads/hairpin bends/hills fantastic but it,d be a hell of a pull on your CRV. This is only my opinion. (I know this might not be of any interest to you but it would be a mindblowing run on a motorbike)

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