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Mayday Breakdown Cover


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Hi after reading various posts on here regarding breakdown cover we decided to change from the AA that my OH had been with for years to CC Mayday Premiun UK commencing 1/4/09 . I completed everything on line on 26th March and today got the paperwork great and another letter stating that there was an offer on of a saving of £18 for the years cover d*** should have waited!!


So I thought I would give them a ring and see if I could get the discount. What happened was that the discount only applies to phone call joining of the service but the Nice lady asked me a few more details about the car that wasn't on the website app form and then tried to refund the difference back to my card. Sorry computer won't let me do this.


Me thinking OK I tried when she told me a cheque for the difference would be in the post next week! Great £18 pound better off for the same cover and she actualy altered the start of cover to today as well. Great service from thier customer service and from what I understand on here good service for breakdowns :D:D


Sorry should have added the discount is available until 31st May09

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We had the leaflet today -- I thought it was from the Caravan Club and was about their insurance -- so I rang them - as I have the CC insurance for the van

-- NO they said it is a totally different form the CC -- and was an independent flier. . and I have Green Flag with my Prudential Insurance any way. .


We got talking about my renewal date -- and I mentioned that I had the ATC system fitted -- wowow she said she would refund me £28. ....


We then mentioned the Alko wheel Lock system - I told her I had it but didn't like using it as I have difficulty in fitting -- so I did not get any discount for that --


But I did get another discount for having a movement sensor in the van -- never thought to mention it before -- as it came with the van and is one of those things you automatically switch on -- with the key fob. . she gave me another £22 off


So from ringing up to see about spending some money that I didn't need to I came away with £50 in my pocket !! well worth the phone call. .



Volvo S60 D5 (now sold 😥) new Vauxall soon
Happy to meet, Sorry to part, Happy to meet again
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