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Fantastic Service!!!!!!!


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Hi all, what with all the doom and gloom around recently (not here, just generally!) I thought I would post on here about the fabulous service from a caravan manufacturer.


I recently had the misfortune to have to return my van to Coachman for warranty repair. Their service manager, one Trevor Baxter, was a complete and utter gentleman when dealing with the issue. he arranged for the van to be picked up from the nearest Coachman dealer, arranged it's repair in the factory and returned it to the same dealer, all the time, keeping me informed of what they'd found and what they'd done to rectify the situation. And, by the way, that also included altering factory practices to ensure the problem didn't occur again :unsure: What's more, I have also had a couple of phone calls from hime just to make sure that I am happy :D


I'd like to congratulate Coachman caravans for providing the sort of after care we all deserve when buying a new caravan. I'd say that this has confirmed my belief in genuine service once again.


I am sure that other manufacturers are equally as good but I thought I'd post my happyness for you all to share - especially as Easter is coming and I'm away for over a week in my newly repaired caravan :D:D:D


Martin W

Discovery D3 HSE + Coachman VIP 575/4 2016


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