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Caravan Club Cl's Durham Area

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Hi we are looking to find cl's in the Durham area to use for short hops at weekends.

We are not fussed about EHU . We live in Chester-le-street so can any one recommend cl's or any other cheep sites in our area we would be grateful.



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Cl's are only for Caravan Club members. So if you are members then the ones in your area will be listed in the handbook. I'm originally from Co. Durham ( wife lived at Lumley) and am all to aware that the area between the Tyne and Tees rivers is sadly lacking in cl's. Sad really because Durham is a nice county.

From the map I have your nearset one is Langley park or Durham rowing club but that is a very short hop from where you live. Further afield are Consett, Middleton-in-Teesdale and for the coastal area theres only one near Hartlepool. I stayed on one many years ago in Hett village, south of Durham, just off the A167. Nothing much to rave about but it's in a nice quiet village with a pub where I spent my courting days with my wife. Happy days.



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The site listed under Baxter wood farm iin the Durham section of the CC book was our favourite place to stop when my son was at the University, we have not been since 1996 but we are going again in September. It is just a very plain field with a tap for water, a chemical emptying point and dustbins but it is a very pleasant spot.

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The one at Hett was nice and peaceful. ....not been there for years though. ..




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Baxter Wood is very nice, and not too far out. The one at Hartlepool is nothing to write home about, and I think £10 is very steep for what was on offer last time we were there. The rowing Club can be noisy and I don't like the long narrow lane driving in. Hett had 2 lovely donkeys last time we looked in, admittedly quite a while ago now.

Sadly the area is really lacking in good CL's, and doesn't have that many commercial sites either.

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There's a CL or CS (can't remember exactly which one) at Toft Hill just outside Bishop Auckland.

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