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Harringtons Awnings


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Anyone had any experience with Harringtons Awning - thinking of getting a porch awning from them as its roughly the same size as the Isabella magnum but half the price ( with carbon fibre poles)


Hi Elstar,


I'm sure the Harrington (Discover) porch awning is very good, but there will however be certain differences to an Isabella. I think the Harrington has alloy curtain poles, where as the Isabella will have a ‘sew in’ curtain beading. Also, the Harrington has a fiberglass not carbon fiber frame. The window foil is also not reinforced.


There’s nothing wrong with other awnings, but Isabella are regarded as the best at what they do.


I get the impression they are made up to a quality standard as apposed to down to a cost standard.



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We bought a Harringtons Porch Awning last year. No problems so far, went for the fibre glass poles to save weight. Isabella too expensive for our needs so cannot comment. Harrington is good value in my opinion. Hduty tie down kit included, no drilling required as pads fit onto little strips inside the awning. Only thing I didn't like was the velcro to attach the wheel cover. I put some eyelets in and got some little sucker hooks.

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