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New Caravan Owner,,,swift Explorer 1992


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Hi can anyone help,how do i fill the heater & how do i get the submersible pump to work,,,,is there a switch somewhere,,,,,i have owend a motor home but this had a electric pump?


Hi Chazer


Don't know the explorer, and you have not said what you have tried, but there should be a switch marked "pump"

so drop the pump in the aquaroll full of water, then plug the pipe/power into the side of the van, and then turn on

the switch,(you should hear the pump running) but then open the hot tap, until you get water flowing without

spluttering, you could try the cold tap, and again till just water comes through.


Then as you open the tap the pump starts and turns off when you close the tap (slight delay) and for the heater

now its full of water either runs on gas or poss mains electric, there is poss a mains type switch that is marked

up as heater, and rotary switch that runs it on gas



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If its the same as a 1991 Swift Challenger, you may not have a `pump` switch. There is just one switch to select between car and van battery. Which is on a panel with a battery level meter and `pump` lamp.


So assuming that you have power to the van (strip lights working) the `pump` lamp should light when you open a tap. The taps are fitted with micro switches which switch the pump on, so first check that the `pump` light is on. If not try another tap. (With hot and cold taps in both kitchen and bathroom, at least one must work!)


If the taps are working then connect the pump and listen for the pump running, you should be able to hear it even in our water container.


The submersible pumps don't last forever, so it may be time for a replacement.



Once you have water running, just open the hot tap and that should fill the water heater. (Wth the heater off)

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