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Caravan Electrics.


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You should be able to work all the 12V appliances such as lights,water pump,extractor fan off the caravan leisure battery

You may have a switch marked car/van and this needs to be set to van

With the car engine running nothing should work in the caravan except the fridge set to 12V because the habitation relay in the caravan cuts off the van internal 12V electrics. You can check this by turning on a 12V light and then starting the car engine when it should go out

The fridge only works off 12V on tow as it uses a high current

The 13amp sockets are 230V and only work off mains hook up

You may have some 12V sockets as well which should work off the leisure battery

You may have 2 lights that are only 230V

Hope that helps

BMW X3 X Drive and Swift Challenger 580SE

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