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at last iv'e managed to find a replacement cupboard door for our van, thanks for great link addresses to you other caravanners on here i tried numberous breakers and dealers, but when i mentioned the age of my van most seem to reply can't help you, i started to think i,d never get one, one company even promised to make me a replica and i offered to send payment in advance but i still never reiceved the cupboard door ( good job i didn't send any payment :) ) the reason i needed a cupboard door was the last owners of the van had a integrated microwave, when they sold the van they never replaced the door front, and just as i had about gave up hope of finding one in B&Q last week they were taking down a ex-display and the draw fronts looked very similar sized so they said i could have one, now its in the van fitted at last, am i the only one who struggles to find spare parts for a van that is a little older ? or do some of you have the same problems ? should caravan manufacturers keep a longer spares life for past caravans like car manufacturers ? i,d just be interested in some of your thoughts on such a subject.

Coachman Genius & Mazda BT50 TS2

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