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Spot The Vip's


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I was sat vacantly staring at my computer screen when a thought suddenly occurred to me, how many of the great and good (and sometimes not so good) the rich & famous share our hobby and have you out there actually spotted anyone.

I know that Margaret Beckett M. P. is a caravaner but what foxes me is how did she fare when foreign Secretary, she must have had minders, did they bring their own van? also how many weekends at a five van site would she need to qualify for a second home allowance and fifty or sixty thousand in cash.

Now I have a theory (and some of you may scoff) the C&CC have special interest sections, association of lightweight campers and the like. Now my theory is there is a clandestine section of "Spooks" there to look after the famous, you have to admit my theory has some substance,how often have you seen three or more vans blinds closed pitched in a row with interconnected lines of wind breaks six foot high like some canvas Berlin wall with only the occasional chink with a fleeting glimpse of whats going on inside, and as you pass with your wastemaster on your way to the disposal and you actually see some one emerging from the canvas wall your cheery "good morning" is inevitably greeted with the disdain displayed when asking a banker to forgo his bonus.

I have only ever spotted someone famous once when staying at a C&CC club site some time ago. I'm sure Prince Philip was moonlighting as a warden (well why not he has all the attributes of a C&CC warden,patience, tact and diplomacy) anyway I'm sure it was him because when he presented me with his fifteen page rulebook on do's & don'ts He became quite sniffy when I said most of them were all Greek to me, also when when he was directing me to my pitch he spotted my "I've been to Sandringham" sticker and he said "so have I many times ***** awful place full of corgis and yokels".


Cheers :rolleyes:

In a recent survey it was found that 1 in 3 politicians are as bent as the other two. One Of Cols CT NinjasNinja.gif

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Your comments are read with many a pleasing eye.

Looking forward to our next meeting at Low Manesty. ..

Happy camping and Kind regards.


Barack Obama. ........ Now you can name drop) ;-)


ps. Do they still take US dollars in Cumbria?

pps. just had electrics fitted to White House lawns so will be taking up to 5 vans from April onwards

Kia Sportage CRDI + Coachman VIP 460/2

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Rowland Rivron has a Bailey. Mark Owen of Take That has an airstream i think, as does Robbie Williams. Also grotbags from Emu (kids telly) has a small caravan site, possibly a CL, down south somewhere.

Otherwise i dont know.

In Consilio Sapienta



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Gail Porter, Jennifer Ellison, Cheryl Baker, Jim Bowen, Tommy Walsh, Linda Robson, Bob Carolgees, Gary Numan . ... plus the others Lenny has already mentioned!


Oh there was a couple of women from Eastenders.

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Norman Collier has a tourer and Ricky Tomlinson has a static, apparently.

Bailey Unicorn Vigo and a 2017 Ford S Max and a Mercedes SLK AMG Sport 9 speed, my mid life crisis solver.

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