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Mr Shifta Or Powertouch?


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Get the mover fitted to van, Had A Ryno fitted to my van, money well spent. mover on Van so it is there if you need it on site.


Happy Caravaning



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My friend had a Mr Shifta and after buying the extra bar to stop the brakes engaging in reverse he still couldn't cope with it on his drive and bought a Carver fixed mover

The Carver/Truma/ Powrtouch etc etc type are much easier to use and always with you for use on site

It proved expensive as I couldn't let him have a mover without buying one myself :rolleyes:

I learnt from his experience and 8 years ago bought the Carver now replaced by the Powrtouch with auto engage

BMW X3 X Drive and Swift Challenger 580SE

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Hi all


I find it hard to push our caravan onto our forecourt so wondering whether to get a mr shifta(local to us) with free demo before purchase OR a powertouch.

What are your views?





Hi bobby,

persnally I would go for a fixed mover but the Mr Shifta may suit your needs. During the demo I would want to include all circumstances where it may be used including use on an incline and on loose surfaces,



Bailey Unicorn Vigo and a 2017 Ford S Max and a Mercedes SLK AMG Sport 9 speed, my mid life crisis solver.

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