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Carver Water Heater


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Absolutely, that's what's so good about the Cascade when compared with it's successor :D


The screws that hold it in are under the gas valve to the right of the burner outside, you will need to get down low to see them.


This is also the gas connection so switch that off first, unscrew the two pozi drive screws and the module should slide out, if it doesn't the box lid inside has popped open, you'll need to squeeze this shut and get it started through the hole from inside before it will come out completely.


Replacing is a reversal but as it's screwed on the right so it will hang down slightly to the left, support the left with a finger tip before final tightening so the black foam seal at the back is as high as it can go and parallel to the recess in which it fits.


It's all but impossible to leave a gas leak at the joint but care should be taken to make sure.



Arc Systems are specialist Carver caravan product repairers, committed to providing a comprehensive service as well as spare parts for these popular heaters.

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