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Passat Estate

Guest hellboy

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I think the engine in your Passat is the same as my Octavia - if so you should have no complaints. Admittedly my previous car was a Mondeo 130 with plenty of power (well, sufficient for me anyway) and the reduction with the 105 bhp was obviously noticeable, but the Octavia still does everything we ask of it. I would say the ride is slightly more 'jiggly' but that's to be expected as it is smaller and lighter than the Mondeo. Solo the consumption is not normally less than 60-62mpg, towing is around 30-32. Nothing has gone wrong - so far. I hope your is as reliable as mine seems to be.



Swift Challenger 565 2016 and Ford Kuga Titanium X TDCi

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I tow with a Passat Estate, but its a 140 Sport (much prefer the stiffer, lower suspension).

Stability towing 1375kgs isn`t a problem, but I think it thirsty both towing and solo (fortunately I don`t pay the fuel bills).


I have tried a 105bhp in a saloon, but was not impressed - it didn`t seem up to the job solo, but we are perched on (and surrounded by) hills, so I may be more critical than some.

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My previous tow car was a VW Passat 1. 9 TDI 130 bhp 4 Motion.


This was a great car in every respect apart from the mpg.


When towing we used to average about 28 mpg.

BMW X5 3. 0sd m sport twin turbo. Fleetwood Heritage ES6 (2009) Best car ever owned subaru impreza wr1

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We also have a Passat 130TDI Sport (saloon), my previous company car, now run by SWMBO.


Altogether a much nicer car than the new one, better built, stronger low-down pull and better gearing for towing. Also about 5mpg better than the new one both towing and solo. Unfortunately I have to pay for the fuel in that, the company pay for the fuel in the new one (in the UK at least), so the choice when it comes to towing is a no-brainer.

Not as much interior space as a new-shape estate, but its where my money would have gone.

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