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Nissan Patrol 2.8/3.0 Diesel


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Hello Everyone, Looking to buy a proper 4x4 soon, looked at them all, and I am thinking of buying a Nissan Patrol in the 2. 8 or 3. 00 litre diesel format. I am very impressed with the room within the vehicle and you seem to get a lot of car for the money. I know the nisssan is not a trendy 4x4 but I am not that concerned about whether people would turn up their noses at it etc. Just wondered what other owners experiences are and have been with this car. Many Thanks.

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Yes me too. I would love one been looking to bring one in from Japan for a while but can't get a model report. The ones here are soooooo expensive




One like this would do me, beast of a 4x4.


Few links here to take a look at that will lead you to others hope they help. If you go for one let us know how it goes




http://www. autoexpress. co. uk/?previews/pre. ..ry. php?id=37640

http://www. landyzone. co. uk/lz/showthread. p. ..2465#post142465

http://www. carpages. co. uk/nissan/nissan_pa. .._1_17_01_03. asp

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