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Hello to all members, I've been a caravanner for about 20 years, enjoying holidays in the UK and France with my wife and 3 girls. Sadly the girls are now grown up and have flown the nest.

My wife and I usually go to the lake district (Cumbria) for our summer holidays, which is a fantastic base for walking. Other than that we spend a lot of weekends in the North Yorkshire area walking or if I get the chance, to do some fishing, while my wife enjoys a good book.


I read some of the topics about caravan movers as I have just had one fitted, and found them to be very helpful, especially on the subject of levelling your caravan on site.


On another subject, I was reading the caravan and camping magazine the other day and a member mentioned that he had difficulty in removing his spare wheel from its carrier under the caravan because the nuts had rusted, so I checked mine and found them to be rusted as well, the old addage 'out of site out of mind' sprung to my mind. So just a tip to all, check your wheel carrier nuts for rust before you set off on a trip. That's all for now "Happy caravanning" :lol:

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Welcome to the forum.


On our last caravan, I installed a small padlock on the spare wheel carrier. Fortunately we never had to use the spare. When I came to take the padlock off, when we swapped caravans, it took me about an hour to saw through, couldn’t even get the key in!

Swift Challenger 490

Sorento + Fabia to help the Sorento up hills!

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